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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Together again!!

Things are amazing here; we finished our first workshop with mock interviews and had a graduation and everything. Katherine and I joined our classes because they had shrunk, I loved teaching with her again. It was awesome! I wish you could have seen their faces, there is so much light in their countenances. I know they will have success in their endeavors, I just hope they come back to share their success stories with us.

What an honor to see them progress. I love this work! One sweet lady, Elvira, who worked so hard to gain more confidence in front of people was crying as we said goodbye and thanked me. They are each so special, I already love the people here so much.

I LOVE teaching, it is so hard but so rewarding. Seeing their progression is the most marvelous thing in the world, I can’t believe how much they’ve blossomed in just 3 short days. It is so amazing to be here and be involved in this work. I’m super happy and relieved to be done with the first workshop, it should be less stressful from here on out.
Here are some pictures of the class practicing interviews, the whole graduating class, and a picture of my class and me, doing our "Wave cheer."

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