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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 2 at it alone...

Today we worked on power statements, short statements that give a specific example of a skill or talent you have to make an impression on the person interviewing you. There is this sweet middle-aged man, Rigoberto, that is super shy and timid but yesterday he stood in front of the class and shared the power statement that he worked so hard on. It wouldn't be seen as perfect in many people's eyes, but we knew how hard he worked and how much it cost him to stand up there. (how much it cost him...can you say that in English? It was really hard for him.) He did so well! We were all so thrilled at how much confidence he showed as opposed to yesterday when he wouldn't say anything. It was miraculous!

Another participant shared with us that she just left her husband after 10 years of domestic abuse and not being permitted to associate with anyone. She is now a single mother for her 4 children and trying to find a job to take care of them. The best part is seeing how she helps Rigoberto who is illiterate. She is very quiet but soaks up the compliments and validation that we share with her like a dry sponge. I've seen a light born in her eyes in these last 2 days, she's letting her sweet personality show more and more as she grows in confidence.

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