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Monday, May 18, 2009

First Workshop!

We started teaching our first workshop today, but so many people showed up that we had to split up to teach them all. I had 15 in my classroom and Katherine had 13 in hers. It’s weird to teach apart from Katherine, especially for our first time teaching. Fortunately we have the Spirit with us and He made up for everything I lacked. I realized how much I depend on Katherine; she is able to express certain things so clearly in a way that I just cannot convey without her. This is a picture of my group playing a game called "Executive" The people standing behind the chairs are bosses, the people sitting are employees. There is one empty chair so the employer with the empty chair tries to convince the other employees to come work for him. If the employer touches the employees shoulder when they try to leave their chair they have to stay. I asked another participant to come stand by me and be my helper. She finally spoke up and said, "I don't have a job, can they hire me?" YES! Exactly! There is always a job available, but companies don't like to advertise outside because they'd rather just network. So we encourage participants to get in there, talk to employers and employees to see who's hiring, get recommendations, etc, to fill that empty chair. It's a fun way to teach an important concept.

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