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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today we taught a couple of the sections in the workshop, it was pretty fun. The missionaries are great, they attend the workshop to help motivate and teach them how to get jobs and pursue their education. Since a lot of the Perpetual Education Fund managers require them to take the Career Workshop it also gets them a step ahead there. Mostly, it was amazing to be in a room with 21 missionaries for 2 days. Just listening to them sing brought tears to my eyes. I miss being a missionary, but I am so blessed to be able to serve here in Guatemala.

Funny note, When Patty was introducing us to the missionaries (21 of them!! Only 2 sisters) she explained that we would be teaching the workshop from now on. Then she said to the Elders, “If you want to come visit them they will be here in the Center until July 25th. But remember; right now you’re still missionaries. Give it another day.” I was bright red and Katherine was giggling nervously, but it was pretty funny. Too bad she forgot to tell them that we don’t date while we’re here; there may some disappointed RM’s.

Last night Katherine and I stayed up until 1am just talking. We had the most amazing conversation about everything, mostly how the gospel has shaped us and blessed our lives. I really can’t imagine my life without the gospel. It was so amazing to spend 4 straight hours just talking with her; we have just clicked from day one. I’m amazed everyday at how well we work together and what great friends we are becoming. I have been blessed with the best companion ever, how is it that I get so many blessings? I am working hard to be worthy of them.
Pictures: Missionaries doing mock interviews with each other, one Elder holding up his graduation certificate ( I think he was a whopping 4' 10") and the whole group together.

Hoy enseñamos un par de las secciones en el taller, fue muy divertido. Los misioneros son increíbles, ellos asisten el taller para ayudarles a ser motivados en conseguir trabajo y enseñarles cómo conseguir trabajos y seguir su educación. Muchos de los administradores del Fondo Perpetuo de Educación requieren que los solicitantes tomen el TAL entonces estos misioneros ya están adelantados un poco. Fue increíble estar en un cuarto con 21 misioneros durante 2 días. Sólo escucharlos cantar trajo lágrimas a mis ojos. Me hace falta ser misionera, pero soy bendecida poder servir aquí en Guatemala.

Anoche Katherine y yo no se acostaron hasta 1am porque estábamos hablando. La conversación fue asombrosa, hablamos sobre todo, en su mayor parte cómo el evangelio nos ha formado y ha bendecido nuestras vidas. Yo realmente no puedo imaginar mi vida sin el evangelio. Fue tan increíble pasar 4 horas hablando con ella, nosotras nos hemos llevado bien desde el primer día. Me sorprende cada día en cuán bien trabajamos juntas y qué gran amigos somos ¿He sido bendecido con la mejor compañera, cómo así que consigo tantas bendiciones? Estoy trabajando duro para ser digna de ellas.

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