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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

3 years

Almost 4 years ago my friend Sarah had a birthday celebration at a restaurant that I attended with my roommate. I sat next to this boy but we both talked with people on the other side of us for the whole evening. Turns out that boy is the best thing to happen to me. He’s my husband now. 6 months after that evening we went on our first date. 3 years ago today I married him in the Timpanogos temple. 2 kids later and he is my sanity.

He comes home from working on spaceships all day to tackle the kids so I can have some kid-free workspace. He bathes the kids. He puts Leah to bed every night. He teaches our kids to pray. He gives me and our children priesthood blessings. He cleans the bathrooms. He takes out the trash. He gives me massages when I’m sore or tense. He is super smart. He’s not afraid to take advice from Tinkerbell. He serenades us with his guitar skills. He helps me with my goals. He loves me the best way possible.

Here’s to the father of my children, the man I chose to spend eternity with. Brad the Dad.