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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day

We had a very busy Memorial Day weekend. On Friday we went to Tucano's in the very pretty city of Sugarland. Both Brad and I were impressed with the new buildings, tree-lined streets and overall freshness of the town. We would love to live somewhere like that someday. Too bad Sugarland would be an hour commute or so for Brad to get to work.

Tucano's was very yummy, of course. The kids loved the fruit; they didn't want much to do with the meat. I loved the Tucano's salad - spinach, strawberries, and toasted almonds. Mmm. I might try to recreate that one at home. After lunch we walked around the outdoor mall and found a fun little pond/fountain the kids fell in love with. The path dips down on one side so the kids can splash and play with the cascading water. Texas knows what kids need in the summertime.
Caught mid splash

Sopping wet

Covered in water drops

This little man is pure joy.

Leah loves playing with water.

Fun with Splashing from Sarah Reynolds on Vimeo.

After the first few splashes the kids started getting pretty wet. I told Brad, "It's worth it." Watching them get absolutely soaked as they thrilled in the waves and water was great fun. We finally dragged them away to walk in the sunshine and dry off a little before driving home. It was a beautiful spring day. The sun was shining, but not too hot. We all came home with some color on our cheeks.
Leah lounging in the shade outside the stores.

Run to Mama

Run away from Mama. This girl is always running.

On the way back from Sugarland we decided to take the freeway instead of the scenic backroads we drove on the way there. However, just as we were getting to a major junction our back tire blew. Brad, ever the champ, calmly pulled over, hopped out, and had that tire changed in 10 minutes flat. The kiddos slept right through it. We drove home slowly, he dropped us off and an hour later we had 4 brand new tires. It was a little sooner than we were planning, but it wasn't unexpected. We had the money set aside for it. I count my blessings that my husband knows to plan for these things.
What flat tire?

Seannie likes to sleep with his hands by his head.

After changing the tire my manly man was thirsty. This is the only water we had within reach. Fortunately, he's not too picky.

On Saturday, my friend Rachael and I planned an Ecuador feast. We invited some of her friends over and Brad's old roommate. I made encebollado (tuna soup), ensalada (tomato and onion salad), shrimp ceviche, and tostados (large corn kernels that pop on the inside) and Rachael made the arroz con pollo, pan de yuca (yuca bread) and guanabana juice. She spent a lot of time finding the more exotic ingredients we needed, like chifles and avena (a yummy oatmeal drink). It was fun to have leftovers for a couple days and enjoy my encebollado. I don't think it was a hit with others, but that left more for me.
The Feast!
Leah was mad that we limited her chifle intake.

By Sunday the little tickle I had in my throat had exploded into swollen glands and congestion. Monday we spent the day close to home while I rested and tried to get better. Bless my sweet husband's heart, he did all the laundry for me. It is now Wednesday and I am still quite sick with an earache. I'll be going to the doctor to get medicine for my ear infection this afternoon. Leah also decided to join the illness bandwagon and started vomiting this morning. This would be fine, but this week I had planned on having a couple playdates with our friend Ivy so her mom could finish packing to leave on Friday, also watch our friend's baby so she could finish cleaning her apartment after their move, and currently have our little friend K here while his mom is teaching her orchestra classes. K loves Leah; she fell asleep on the couch and he leaned over and softly kissed her on the cheek. He is really sweet with her. I'm sorry we can't go play at the library or park. I wanted to be so helpful this week! I feel a little frustrated in that desire, but there's not much I can do about it except snuggle in with my little girl and drink liquids. I'm headed that way right now.

Oh, did I mention Sean decided to walk this week? He's been playing with the idea but finally took off and walks everywhere now.

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  1. OK - still jealous of gorgeous red locks. Still jealous of warm, water-play-worthy weather. And your Ecuadorian feast - I'd like to partake at some future date. Yum. Josh has not cooked much Ecua food for us.

    love you guys!!!