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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Month of May

This month I have expanded our little garden that I started last month and the kiddos love to help me water. Leah is really sweet about tending the plants; Sean just likes the water.

My "Patio Picker" 3 tomatos, 1 red bell pepper, and 3 snap peas when I fist planted them on April 30th.
I also planted some basil, petunias and strawberries
3 weeks later and my tomatoes and pepper plants have exploded. I also planted a pretty tropical plant. Our patio is ready for visitors; come on over!
My petunias and basil and strawberries look great. The strawberries have only produced 1 little fruit so far.
I have some vincas and mint by the back door
Leah loves to help water and play in the dirt

We also bunny-sat our friend's little bunny. He is a very sweet, sociable little rabbit and loved chasing and being chased by Leah. He liked to snuggle with me and Brad, but Brad didn't want much to do with him after he chewed through our computer's mouse cord. That's right, the bunny killed the mouse. Attack of the rodents?
Leah loves Bunny. She giggles just watching him. Seannie liked to crawl into his cage and get covered in bunny poop.

We spent quite a bit of time at parks with friends and Daddy to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather we've been having. It's been a gorgeous spring here. We do have some hot, muggy days, but we've also had some gorgeous, cooler days that feel wonderful.
Sliding all by herself!

She loves to run around. Sometimes it's a problem.

Brad was impressed with her braids. Thanks goes to my sister Kelly who first did it on my hair when I was in high school.

Cheese muffin.

Leah thinks she can still hold Sean on her lap.

Putting on the gardening gloves to get to work.

Dumping more dirt on the plant. Gotta make sure it's covered well.

Going for more dirt. I never cease to wonder at the amazing colors in this child's hair.

To sum up: We've had a really great month so far. We've enjoyed health, sunshine and happiness. Our apartment management is making some improvements on our apartment, we have some fun plans for this weekend and we're gearing up for a trip out to Utah. Life is good and we are grateful. Every day we thank God for our blessings, especially these 2 sweet little souls.

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