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Monday, September 13, 2010

September 13 Reflective Journal

I won’t lie, I kept wondering during class if we weren’t delving a bit into mysticism as we discussed God’s time versus ours. I was a little put off by some of the questions raised by some students, but I appreciated Brother Line’s answers and direction, and I trust him because of that. And, as I’ve pondered the concept of how God is all-knowing I realize how important this is to know. Neal A Maxwell said, “God lives in an eternal now where the past, present, and future are constantly before Him. His divine determination are guaranteed, since whatever He takes in His heart do to, He will sure do it.” As I understand better the nature of how God lives, I appreciate more how He participates in my life.

Brother Line talked about how we take the doctrines we know and put them together to discover mysteries. Like a triangle, if we know the degree of 2 of the angles and the length of one side, we can figure out the area, perimeter, other angle degree and other lengths if we know what to do with the information we have. We have a knowledge of God and His nature, where and how He lives; if I use that knowledge in a proper fashion, I can better understand my role as His daughter and how to develop my relationship with Him and my Savior.

Also, our discussion of how God wants us to remember that we are nothing was very good for me. I am nothing, God wants me to comprehend that, because once I do I can be filled with God’s love and fully grasp what it means to be loved by our magnificent God. He has created worlds without number, galaxies and creations beyond description. He is all-knowing, all-powerful and I cannot truly understand Him in my fallen and flawed condition, but He loves me, knows me and is very, very involved in my life. That is true happiness; for me, a small, insignificant creation, to be loved and guided by the all powerful Creator.

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