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Monday, August 30, 2010

Some thoughts from my Pearl of Great Price class

So, I'm taking Pearl of Great Price from Brother Line, the Institute director up at University of Utah. He asks us to write in a journal after each class to reflect on what we've read and discussed and I want to post those entries. Here's my first one:

Tonight we talked about the Holy Ghost and how he activates the power of the Atonement. After class I found myself at a picnic with my friend Dee and we talked about this for a bit. I think about my daily routine and my prayers with God; I always ask Him to consecrate my actions and thoughts. In Spanish, consecrate is “consagrar,” or “with holiness.” I literally ask God to make my life and actions holy. As I think about it more, I ask Heavenly Father to grant His Holy Spirit to walk with me all day so that I can take part of the Atonement hourly. I don’t want God just to help me make good decisions, or just to comfort me, but I am asking that the Spirit purifies and cleanses me so I can be a worthy vessel and do the Lord’s work throughout the day. That is the main purpose of the Holy Ghost, to activate the Atonement in my life.

I love being pure and feeling the pure light and love of God flow through me, and I need to remember that that is the Spirit working the Atonement in me. When I feel pure love for God’s children, that is the power of the Atonement. When I feel pure intelligence and understanding, it is because of Christ and His work for me. It is a truly beautiful and astonishing thing. I understand just a little better the Atonement and its role in my life. I hope this helps me to work better with the Holy Ghost as He tries to purify me, I want to be a better participant in the Atonement and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I want to be a better partner as God instructs me how to be better and the Spirit works in me.

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