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Monday, September 27, 2010

Celestial Marriage

September 27, 2010

I thought a lot about Nathan’s temple lecture during this lecture. We talked about the creation today in class. I was taught some very interesting things. One thing that I absolutely loved was the discussion on ancient temples and the tabernacle. Brother Line drew a picture of the layout of the temple and labeled the altars, wash basins, lights, incense, and mercy seat. I’m familiar with this diagram from my discussions with Nathan and Jelaire, but what fascinated me tonight was when Brother Line taught me about ark of the covenant in the holy of holies. The high priest would go into the room once a year and sprinkle the blood of the sacrifice on the seat. On the seat are two winged individuals facing each other across the altar. They become bound by the blood of the sacrifice, a symbol of celestial marriage.
I’ve studied a lot about marriage, and it’s taken on deeper meaning the last few years as my desire to prepare to be a good wife and mother has increased. I understand the central importance of the family, but this imagery opened a whole new meaning to the focus of marriage in my eyes. Of course marriage is a holy ordinance, but couples make mistakes all the time. Husband and wife can become bonded through repentance. As they take part in the healing power of Christ’s Atonement, spouses grow stronger in their love. There is no better way to improve a marriage than to sprinkle your bond with the atoning blood of Christ to sanctify your relationship and overcome the follies that drive spouses apart. As I’ve spent the last year in the temple doing ordinance work I have always loved watching couples when they do service together and kneel at altars together. It is a sacred moment, and I think I understand a little better why it is so sacred.

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