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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I find myself with 15 minutes to kill, so what do I do? Write, of course. Brilliant. I've been hanging out with Jelaire's companion from the mission, Bethany, who is visiting from London. I feel the frequent urge to respond to questions and comments with "Cheers." Hopefully I don't sound like an impostor or something.

Today I will be taking my Italian final. It's scheduled from 8 to 10pm. (Yeah, ick is right) Some of the people in my class asked to meet a couple hours before so we can review the vocab. I just hope they were kidding when they said I would be leading the review. To be honest, I'm not really concerned about this test, I've been studying for the class all semester and doing well on the quizzes. The test that I AM concerned about is my Physical Science class. I do not like this class, at ALL. I strongly dislike classes concepts that I don't understand. I think it's called intolerance. I'm working on fixing that...Fortunately my friend Kevin is aware of my dislikes and came over last night for an hour to help me study. As an airplane pilot he loves physics, and I feel like I'm starting to understand it a lot better. Such a good teacher. I got all excited to study, then my friend Israel came over and distracted me for an hour. But I'm not complaining.

I will be home in a week! I fly home on Monday then I get to play with the family for almost 2 weeks! San Francisco for a couple days, ocean, redwoods, RELAXATION! This is going to be amazing, the longest vacation I've had for a long time. I don't have to worry about school or work, just work on recovering from the semester and enjoy my family 100% Yay!

Alright, time to jet over to the class for some review before the exam. woohoo...