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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I slept in an hour, made it to a 9am Physical Science class. It doesn't matter which class you attend, as long as you use the iClicker to take the quizzes. I kind of like the 9am professor more than my prof who teaches at 8 because she's dynamic and her quizzes make more sense. Then I headed off to work where my boss found me after an hour or so and was kindly concerned for my health. I have a great boss, the best in the world.

Today I was going through some correspondence from one of our favorite veterans, Larry "Lucky" Chesley. I'm going through several boxes that he donated to BYU, stuff that he can't keep anymore and his kids don't want. It's neat to go through all his memorabilia and read letters from people who were changed because of him. One of the programs from a club where he spoke had a funny quote that made me giggle, "Before you fall in love with a pair of bright eyes...make sure it's not the sun shining through the back of her head."

The funniest thing is that I'm sometimes (often) teased for my eye language. Makes me wonder how full my brain is...

Blessings from this week:

I just took a quiz and scored 100%.
I get to take a test tomorrow and hopefully get 100% as well.
I improved 11% on my last Phys Science test. I'm not telling you either score.
Because of my back paralysis I finally got to play with Michelle Scott, one of my favorite people in my ward that I've been able to see at school so far. She gave me a massage and I got to watch Jane Eyre. Yum...
I got a sweet text from a boy across the room during the ward Thanksgiving dinner that made me remember that I'm a girl.
My brother, sister and 6 sobrinos are coming on Friday!!! The anticipation alone is a blessing.
My friends carry my backbag for me. Not because I'm lazy, but because I can't.
I was blessed to start the morning off with service, we gave a lady a ride. Her name is Dora and she's from Mexico City. I'm having a sudden influx of new acquaintances from Mexico City.
I realized that writing two 6 page research papers is no biggie. Totally doable.

Off to take another quiz. YES!

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  1. Hey! You've posted again! I like reading what you are up to. Keep typing when you get a minute!