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Thursday, December 17, 2009

As I'm sitting here munching leftover Ris a l'amande, I'm thinking about a Christmas miracle I just experienced with my friend Hsin Yao.

This is the 2 of us writing letters for my roommate Nicole's club, Stand for the Family. I met Hsin Yao when she was Sister Cho, serving in Ukiah. She started her first semester here at BYU this Fall and has been drowning in school, but did a great job finishing a huge workload. Tonight we had a couple spare minutes to sit down and talk and exchange presents. As poor college students, they weren't much, but they meant a lot.

Last week I found a sweet little nativity set of Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus that I picked up and wrapped. I felt that I should give it to Hsin Yao and have been trying to find time in our busy schedules to give it to her. Well, tonight we made the time! When she opened it she got really excited. Like, REALLY excited. I was thinking, the poor girl doesn't realized what an inexpensive little gift that is, when Hsin Yao told me that she had been pondering the purpose of Christmas and had decided to get her very first Nativity set. This afternoon when she was in the bookstore she almost bought the very set that I gave her, but something stopped her, and told her that someone had already gotten it for her. She paused and said, "It wouldn't be Sarah? Nah." But decided not to buy it all the same. I was afraid maybe the surprise of the gift had been a little spoiled, but Hsin Yao kept told me that this present was precious to her and let her know how aware God is of her. She says that she will tell her family about it every year when she puts it out. How awesome is that?

That's not the end, however. It was my turn to open my present, so I'm going to tell you about what I've been learning in Physical Science. I know, totally logical. Anyways, so this last unit we've been learning about the solar system. What especially interested me was the life cycle of stars, how they are born, their progression, etc. Then, reading and hearing about the star that appeared at Christ's birth, I realized that that event was prepared years in advance. The star was actually born hundreds, maybe millions, of years ago, but it took all that time for the light to reach us so far away. It made me think, maybe Christ created that star, and when He did, He said, "You will shine at my birth." Interesting, right?

So, I opened the card that Hsin Yao wrote for me and she wrote this:

About the star that led the shepherds to Bethlehem, Elder Maxwell said, "God had to place that star in a precise solar trajectory in orbit centuries before it shone that night so brightly over Bethlehem...In like manner,...each of us has been placed in precise human orbits, in order to light up the landscape of life for our fellowmen. We must be like that star and do our duty and be where we're supposed to be and do what we are supposed to do...that star shone for the glory for God. When you and I accomplish what we have been sent to do, we shine in glory of God. We light the way."

It is a beautiful message, and it complemented my musings of the past few weeks. God knew the ponderings of my heart and sent me the message He would have me learn. I am grateful for a Father in Heaven who is aware of the challenges two of His daughters face and send them to each other prepared with His love. Hsin Yao received what she needed from God through me, and I received what I needed from God through her. It was a true manifestation of God meeting our needs through other mortals. I love my Father and am thankful for the chance to have been an instrument in His hands, and I know that He watches carefully over His beloved children. May we let God guide our lives that we may shine in His glory and guide His children.

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