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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Not again

My sweet, snuggly, happy little son had another seizure this morning. It happened while I was feeding him, again. The 3 seizures that he's had have been while feeding him and when he's tired. Because the EEG came back clean, the doctor ordered an MRI, which will happen in Galveston, some blood tests, and a meeting with a neurologist. The nurses tried drawing blood, but after lots of probing, some pinching and poking with needles, they weren't sure if they had enough blood for all 3 tests. Poor Seannie was very sad and cried dreadfully whilst looking at the nurses with accusing eyes. They all felt terrible for causing him so much pain and heartache, but it had to be done. Poor little man left the office with 2 bandaged arms and a bandaged hand. Sometimes those chubby little arms and hands are problematic.

On the way out to pick up Leah, the office left a message saying that there were no neurologists available in the near future in our area so they were transferring Sean's records up to Texas Children's. My friend Andrea, who babysat Leah for me, is an RN and she said this is probably the greatest blessing for us at this time. Texas Children's, of course, specializes in children, we will meet with a doctor who is experienced in the areas we need, and any procedures that might need to happen, like a lumbar puncture, will be done by someone who has much more experience than would happen here. So, that is a relief.

More good news: Sean weighed in at 18 lbs, 26.75 inches long. He's a tall boy. He'll outgrow his carseat in 2.25 inches or 4 pounds. Phew! Brad and I were talking about cars and carseats the other night. We plan on staying with one car for a few more years, but if we have another baby after next year, we'll have to fit 3 car seats in the back seat. Fortunately, one short Google search later, I found a blog post written answering the question: do 3 car seats fit in the back of a Toyota Camry? I love Google. Apparently, it will work. It'll be a tight fit, but we will save so much money by staying with one car for as long as possible. And as long as the next pregnancy isn't twins, we'll be fine.

Sean is gurgling and making spit bubbles and looking drowsier by the moment. I'm going to go cuddle with him now.

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  1. Oh, I'm so sorry this has happened again.
    You know Logan had his own little rough start over his first two years of life, but it was funny I never felt super worried about him - just felt like things would work out. And as you know, they have. His only lingering issue is occasional bouts of viral asthma, which is totally something we can deal with.
    Our prayers will be with your family. The worst thing is not knowing. The second worst is watching your child be subjected to medical procedures and not being able to explain or help them through it as you would like. Look for the tender mercies as you go along (as your friend has pointed out) and that will be a great comfort to you.

    love you!