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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears...

We went to the zoo today! Wow, there were a lot of kids. JuanMa, my friend from the mission, explained that it’s a pretty popular school activity. No kidding! There were probably 15 school buses. It was fun to see all the little elementary kids, even if they did gawk at the gringas. JuanMa teased them and made Katherine and me wave to them all, which made them burst into giggles. Good times. Oh, and the animals were pretty cool too. Katherine, who is not at all fond of animals, even played with a baby monkey a little, I got it on video just so her children will actually believe me when I tell the story.

Afterwards JuanMa took us to his house just outside the city and we met his mom and sisters. They’re all so wonderful! We had a great time and enjoyed the beauty of San Carlos. JuanMa has been such a great friend, we really appreciate his kindness. His family is just as loving and sweet.

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