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Saturday, June 6, 2009

La Granja

Anita Rojas, one of our coworkers in the Center, invited us to her farm out in San Juan. Her son César picked us up at 4 on Friday afternoon and we arrived in time for dinner with Anita and her husband. It was great to see the moon and stars again, but I think the best part was the quiet. I slept so well.

We left the farm early Saturday morning, around 6:30, to go into town and see the market. The whole plaza was filled with flowers being sold, it was beautiful sight. We totally crashed a wedding. Well, technically, we crashed 6 weddings. We saw the church and went in, at which point we realized the priest was marrying 6 couples in a wedding ceremony. We decided to join in. Hermano Rojas took my camera and took pictures of everything, for which I was grateful, because I was not comfortable doing it myself. It was a fun experience, even though the couples didn’t look excited about getting married.

We spent another hour or so wondering through the market which sold everything. Hermano Rojas took us the school where he teaches science and we white girls caused a little bit of a stir. How unusual. After we got back from the market César took us around the farm and we met the different farmers. We interviewed the workers planting vegetables and the rose gardeners. It was pretty interesting, and the view was beautiful. I enjoyed being out of the city for a while. It was kind of hard coming back to the noise, pollution and crowds.

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