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Monday, November 1, 2010

Justification and Sanctification

Brother Line taught about justification and sanctification tonight and I’ve been mulling it over for a while. I talked with Brad about it during Family Home Evening and we made some more goals to step up our own spiritual progression. It was really neat to hear Brother Line’s resources about how automatic and immediate justification is. I thought back to even recent times when I’ve gone to the Lord to ask for forgiveness and how quickly that relief comes. It is true that we are quickly forgiven of our sins, but sanctification, the process of becoming holy, is a lifelong struggle.
Strangely, though, another thing I really focused on and appreciated tonight was Brother Line’s teaching strategies. I remember some of the teaching skills I learned from the leaders at Church Headquarters when I was training for my internship and how grateful I was to learn from master teachers, and tonight I felt that same feeling of learning from someone with some great experience. It’s tricky business teaching concepts like what we studied tonight about justification and sanctification, but Brother Line defined the concepts clearly then provided several examples and quotes to apply the ideas. What I really appreciated, though, was when he showed quotes and examples and had us as a class pick out the instances of justification or sanctification. It was a total learning process, from understanding the concept, seeing the application, and finding the application myself. That is a great teaching style I want to learn how to use as a teacher.

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